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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Al Hair, Harold Newton, Robert Butler Among The Highwaymen Paintings In Manor's October Auction

Artist Al Hair - Florida Highwaymen Painting
Manor Auctions has posted their Online Catalog for their October 2011 Fine Art, Jewelry & Collectible Auction - taking place in their Tallahassee Auction Gallery. The auction features over 750 quality lots of original art, jewelry, diamonds, timepieces, coins, militaria, statuary, ivory, jade, Chinese antiques, furniture and much more.

As specialists and appraisers of Florida Highwaymen Paintings, Manor Auctions prides itself on offering a nice selection of Original Florida Highwaymen art in each fine art auction. The auction features a wonderful Highwaymen art session, with paintings from some of the better known Highwaymen, such as Al Hair and Harold Newton - The following are the lot numbers and descriptions for the Florida Highwaymen Paintings in Manor Auctions October 2011 Catalog Auction:

18095 HAROLD NEWTON - HIGHWAYMEN LANDSCAPE OIL ON BOARD HAROLD NEWTON (American, 1932-1994) Oil on board landscape scene on an overcast day with cranes wading in the water. Size: 22 x 27" framed Condition: VGC
18095a HAROLD NEWTON - HIGHWAYMEN LANDSCAPE OIL ON BOARD HAROLD NEWTON (American, 1932-1994) Oil on board wave scene with rolling clouds over the ocean. Dates back tot he late 1960s. Size: 28 x 45" framed Condition: VGC
18096 ROBERT BUTLER - FLORIDA HIGHWAYMEN OIL ON BOARD Robert Butler (1943 - ), oil on board in the traditional Highwaymen style, framed with “antiqued” crown molding. Traditional Florida Everglades landscape. A single palm tree is the foreground’s focal point. Size: 16" x 24" Condition: VGC
18097 AL BLACK- HIGHWAYMEN OIL ON BOARD EVERGLADES Albert "Al" Black (American, 1946- ). The serenity of a beautiful marsh landscape, which is present throughout most of Florida, is the scene of this oil on board. Two herons wade in the water as the glowing sun warms the sky. The group of birds and the pair of herons represent the holy trinity. Signed in the bottom right and dated '81. White frame included. Size: 22 x 36" Condition: VGC
18098 AL BLACK- HIGHWAYMEN OIL ON BOARD EVENING SCENE Albert "Al" Black (American, 1946- ). A beautifully painted marsh landscape. Two herons wade in the water as the glowing sun heralds the coming night. Signed bottom right and dated '78. Walnut frame. Size: 27" x 36" framed
18099 ALFRED "AL" HAIR - LARGE HIGHWAYMEN OIL ON BOARD ALFRED "AL" HAIR - LARGE HIGHWAYMEN OIL ON BOARD "Alfred "Al" Hair, (American, 1941 -- 1970). Unusually large and bright oil on board painting of a sunset above crashing waves. Signed bottom right. This is a fine example of Hair's work. Mounted in a gold wash frame. typical of early Highwaymen paintings. Size: 53" x 29" framed Condition: VGC
18100 ALFRED "AL" HAIR- HIGHWAYMEN CALM BEFORE THE STORM Al Hair (American, 1941-1970). The moon shines on the still water of a bay. Fronds of palm trees begin to sway as the furious winds of an incoming storm move closer. Signed in the bottom right corner and in original frame. Size: 35 x 23" Condition: VGC
18101 ALFRED "AL" HAIR- HIGHWAYMEN BEACH SCENE Al Hair (American, 1941-1970). Palms reach towards the sunlight. Seagulls and a sailboat are visible in the distance. The sun is beginning to set on this classical summer day. Signed in the bottom right corner and in original frame. Size: 35 x 23" Condition: VGC
18102 ALFRED "AL" HAIR- HIGHWAYMEN WAVES CRASHING The horizon darkens to pink and purple as the sun begins to descend upon the beach shore. Waves crash violently against the shoreline. Gulls fly over the shallows as they fish for food. Some slight discoloration to the painting. Signed in the bottom right corner and in original frame. Size: 35 x 23" Condition: VGC
18103 ALFRED "AL" HAIR- HIGHWAYMEN OIL ON BOARD The sun starts a day in the everglades. The sky is luminescent with hues of purple and orange. A large cypress tree basks as the first rays of light reach its branches, which are covered in Spanish moss. Signed in bottom right corner and framed. Size: 35 x 23" Condition: VGC
18104 ALBERT E. BACKUS - PASTEL & LETTERS OF NELLIE WOOD Albert Earnest "Bean" Backus pastel painting of his girlfriend, Nellie Wood O'Riordan. Pastel on felt. Backus's family tried fervently to hide her identity from the public. Nellie was known as the recipient of "The Golden Poet Award" in 1989, and her book, "Rhymes and Reasons," was quite successful. This lot also includes a rare grouping correspondence letters between Nellie and her long-time friends. All of the letters are signed, and each one mentions "Beanie," Backus's nickname. The letters are so evocative, that one can easily imagine moments between lovers. Her letters also vividly describe her social mileu as an invited guest at the Florida's Governor's Mansion (in Tallahassee, FL) and a notation following Backus's death, Nellie described how Backus had told her that he wasn't feeling well and goes on to say that he died later that day. Also included are limited edition postcards (unused) and an Easter card, all featuring Backus's works. Nellie's book, "Rhymes and Reasons", is also part of this lot. A unique and interesting Backus art and ephemera lot. The pastel has also includes authentication and appraised by the A.E. Backus gallery in Ft. Pierce, FL. Size: 16" x 13" Condition: VGC

Visit the auction page at for more details & online bidding information:
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Partial Listing Of Other Lots In Manor's October 2011 Fine Art, Jewelry & Collectible Auction:
  • Original Art
    • Florida Highwaymen
    • 18th & 19th C. Oil Paintings
    • 20th C. Oils & Watercolors - landscapes & seascapes
    • Peter Falk Charcoal Drawings - 20 of a private collection of 81 total drawings done by Falk while sharing a Carnegie Hall studio with the consignor in 1990
  • Diamonds - Large 2, 3 & 5 carat diamonds
  • Fine Gold & Designer Jewelry
  • Timepieces - Including many luxury makers
  • Memorabilia
    • John F. Kennedy - autographed photo accompanied by a copy of Profiles In Courage
    • Marilyn Monroe - signed check
    • Saving Private Ryan - signed script
    • Peter Falk - collection of original sketches from actor Peter Falk, most notably known as Lt. Columbo from the long running television show "Columbo"
  • Chinese Antiques
    • Antique Chinese Jade Carvings
    • Finely Carved Chinese Seals
    • Carved Ivory
  • African Ivory Carvings
  • Furniture
  • Sports Memorabilia
    • Signed Balls
    • Signed Photographs
    • Early Cards
  • Militaria
    • Civil War Swords
    • WWII Japanese Swords
    • Bayonetts - all periods
    • Medals & Awards - all periods
    • WWII Headgear
    • Documents
  • Statuary
  • Oleg Raikis Ivory Chess Set
  • Instruments
    • Professional Banjo Collection - of about 16 better banjos
    • Electric Guitars
    • Acoustic Guitars
  • Glassware
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